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Rusty Beall

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Objective          To gain a position as a career pilot for a major corporation.

Education        September 2004 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Commercial Airline Pilot Training Program (CAPT) 

                       1998–2002 University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

·         B.S., Economics, graduated 2002.

·         Senior project on the economics of crime, in which I econometrically investigated the determinants of violent crime, policy issues, punishment standards, and prior theories of the economics of criminal behavior.

·         1997-1998 University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon

College honors and activities

·         USA Cycling Scholarship recipient, 2000

·         President and founder of the University of Idaho Cycling Team, 1998-1999.

·         Vice President University of Oregon Cycling Team, 1997.

Experience       2003 PezCycling News, Vancouver, BC

·         Write the bimonthly “Life in the Gutter” column for on the life, happenings, and commentary of a professional cyclist on a first year team. I also write occasional “Rider Diaries”, glimpsing into what it is like to race select top-level professional events.

2002 PezCycling News, Vancouver, BC

·         Covered the last two stages of the Vuelta a Espagñe (Tour of Spain), one of the three largest cycling events in the world, as a photographer.

                        2003 Momentum Sports Group, LLC. Oakland, CA
Professional Cyclist

·         Raced in 25+ National Race Calendar races across the United States and around 100 total days of racing during the year.

·         Did interviews, made appearances and promoted cycling and the Momentum Sports Group, LLC., as well as Health Net throughout the year.

·         Wrote “Rusty’s Diary” for the Momentum Sports Group webpage to help keep sponsors and fans up-to-date on the Health Net Cycling Team and our accomplishments.

2001 Prime Alliance Cycling Team, Boulder, CO
Professional Cyclist

·         Helped make the first year Prime Alliance Cycling Team the third ranked Cycling team in the United States.

·         Did interviews, made appearances and promoted cycling and Prime Alliance throughout the year.

 Prior Cycling

·         National Medalist, Wisconsin, 1996.

·         U.S. Olympic Festival participant and silver medalist, Colorado, 1995.

·         U.S. Olympic Festival participant, St. Louis, Missouri, 1994.


·         Familiar with Excel, Shazam, PowerPoint, Word, FrontPage

·         Speak elementary level French


·         Travel, skiing, photography, writing, music, the stock market, politics.


Kirk Willett                    Manager, Coach, Friend                                       541-617-1401
Mike Sayers                   Manager, Teammate, Friend                                520-321-4766
Richard Pestes               Owner                                   604-809-7302
Richard Coffman            Associate Professor of Economics                         208-885-7155
R. Ashley Lyman             Professor of Economics                                        208-885-7145
Michael DiNoto               Professor of Economics (emeritus)                        208-882-5789

Travel Abroad

·         2003: Lived in San Sebastian, Spain for two months.

·         2002: Backpacked through Europe for six weeks, going through: England, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Albania, and Greece.

·         1993: At the age of fourteen lived in Ponte Tresa, Italy with a host family for a month and raced on a cycling team with Sports for Understanding International Exchange.